Buy a Shirt, Help a Teacher

"You can't care about children and not care about teachers."- Sharon McMahon

Before I had kids, I taught 5th grade for three years. I started my teaching career with a budget of $150 to supply my first classroom. I remember nervously ordering the $35 electric pencil sharpener... more than 20% of my total budget went to sharpening pencils. It was gut-wrenching. 

We love our teachers and the difficult work they do. Day Drift hopes to alleviate the stress of buying supplies for their classrooms. So for every Day Drift apparel purchase, we will donate $1 to help teachers!

When we help our teachers, we help our kids and communities... let's do some good!

(2010 - My students raised the most money in the fundraiser, so naturally they got to duct tape me to a pole.)