Snack Crawl Tee Inspired Halloween Costumes!


We've put together some costume ideas inspired by our favorite Disney Park treats from our "Snack Crawl" Tee:

Anyone going to Mickey's Halloween party? Not only is this the EASIEST Halloween costume ever, but it can be an awesome GROUP costume. 

I've always said that you can be ANYTHING you want for Halloween, as long as you have some paint and giant cardboard pieces. (I get my big sheets of cardboard from Costco!)

The basic gist: draw out your designs to your desired size and paint the details. (You can make a front and a back by tracing your design on another piece of cardboard, and attach with two pieces of ribbon that go over the shoulders.)

Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich:

Be sure to wear white in between the two mickey cookies!


Dole Whip:


Corn Dog (My fave):




Mickey-shaped Soft Pretzel:


And how good do they look all together!!

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